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An ongoing research project into the tradition of doorkeepers and animal guardian figures.

The collected material and work in progress explore the wide-spread phenomenon of feline-like doorkeeper sculptures, such as the Egyptian and Greek sphinxes, dvarapala of the Hindu tradition, the doorkeeper lions of European middle ages, the Japanese koma-inu as well as the Chinese guardian lions.

I am interested in the phenomenon as a mode of expressing a tremendous non-human power and, as such,

a means to challenge the anthropocentric perspective. From the art-historical point of view, the sculptures still retain a great deal of the primary magical use of sculpture. They are artefacts with a strong presence marking a specific site and serving a specific function. In their stylisation, they often depart from a realistic representation of an animal and are strongly informed by the imaginations of their respective time and place of origin.


images of artworks, images from the research archive and studies in clay and silicone.

Ongoing, since 2018.

doorkeepers 01.JPG
doorkeepers 02.JPG
research archive 07.jpg
research archive 01 in der mulde.jpg
research archive FIND THIS DRAWING AND SCAN IT.jpg
research archive 04 gatekeeper in valenciennes.jpg
research archive 05.jpg
research archive 03 skizze geduscht II.jpg
doorkeepers 03.JPG
doorkeepers 07.jpg
research archive 06.jpg
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