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was macht der hase auf dem parkplatz

Collaboration with Leonard Mandl 🐉


What is the hare doing in the parking lot?

It is sitting atop of what once might have been it's habitat, at one of those countless inspiring suburban shopping centers as you can find them throughout the vast car-ruled empire.

As of now, in autumn 2022, the hill has ben completely taken over by vegetation and is thriving. A few of the plant species living there now, in german, because this is the language of the place: büschelschön - klatschmohn - platterbse - kornblume - wiesenskabiose - königskerze - weg-malve - vogel-wicke - fuchsschwanzgras - dauer-lolch - margerite - hahnenfuß...

A big part of the seeds and transplants have been brought and taken care of by the locals, some of them we know and some of them we don't, many thanks to everyone!



installation views. Location: parking lot at the shopping mall InCenter, Landsberg am Lech

on site since november 2021


cast bronze, birch twigs, local loam earth, seeds.


hase im schnee klein.jpg

Photographs by Leonard Mandl, Susanne Mandl and Anka Helfertová

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